Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014: A New Season

It's a new season in the Rose City!

After taking the league by storm in its first season, the Rose City Flyers experienced the classic Sophomore Slump. A poor draft coupled by a squad plagued by injuries at the beginning and end of the season spelled doom for the Boys in Red. A lot of games were lost by one goal or by poor lineup choices and the front office promises that this season will be stronger.

 "We've always made strong acquisitions during the season, but for our short time in the league, we've never made a splash during the draft. That's one thing we're looking to change and change quickly," a team representative said when questioned. "Finding the strongest option at our draft position has been something we've struggled with. Hopefully, with a high draft number after two seasons near the bottom, our club can make some strong choices."

To start that transition to season three, the club is happy to announce their first news regarding returning players. Marco Di Vaio will, once again occupy one of the club's Designated Player spots and backline bruiser Aurelien Collin will be the clubs first Retention Player under the league's new rule.

"Marco has been one of the strongest players we've had since he entered the league a year and a half ago. He's clinical, puts up points, and is always a threat. Likewise, Aurelien came through for us more times last year than anyone else. We're happy to see him returning to the club this season," the club's manager said when questioned at the season starting press conference.