Sunday, January 18, 2015


Rose City is pleased to announce the first offseason decisions for the club in 2015. Rodney Wallace will be returning to the Flyers as the club's 2015 Retention Player. His injury during the first part of the season and subsequent undrafted status make this a possibility. Wallace has been doing strong supporting work for the Flyers for two years now.
Giles Barnes - Rose City DP

In addition, Giles Barnes will be occupying one of the team's DP slots. His strong work ethic and the increased competition that the now Western Conference Houston Dynamo will face makes him a good choice to keep around. The team's second DP slot is available for trades and the team is actively looking for first and second round draft picks.

Feel free to make offers. All resources are available including player rights, allocation money, and the team's final DP slot.

EDIT: The club has just come to an agreement with the owner of the CD Gunners for the team's extra DP slot and other considerations. The deal earns the Flyers a second pick in the third round of the draft. Other resources are still available to make trades with further teams.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rose City is Back in Action

To anyone wondering, consider this confirmation that the Flyers will stick around in the BSL for the upcoming season. With Marco Di Vaio retired, all DP slots are up for grabs. Make any reasonable offer. Draft picks and allocation cash will be considered.

Look for an announcement regarding the team's Retention Player soon.